Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arduino Pan and Tilt Mechanism with Parallax Servos

  I am working on an Arduino controlled pan and tilt mechanism. (pic top right)
It has two parallax hobby servos available at Radio Shack. I could have ordered some specialty brackets online, but I have little patience. 

  I have the Arduino environment installed and it looks like basic implementation is going to be pretty easy. Arduino has a pretty extensive online knowledge base.

   I soldered some header pins onto a perf board for connecting the servo plugs to...  
  Working on setting it up to allow control with 100K ohm potentiometers ..  I think ultimately I will connect it to an analog thumbstick that has been collecting dust for a while. I have not decided.

 I been pulling my hair out the last couple of evenings getting it to control 2 servos with separate potentiometers  simultaneously...

  When I have it working I will post a video to youtube and I will post the code/wiring diagram here.

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